About Mangotoy 

          Just like our name. Mangotoy. This is the world of adults. Adults should also find their own joy and toys. Time will pass quickly. Sex is one of the best companions.
Our vision is to build up a global-leading sexual health industrial group. About sex, we are the authority.
We are focus on improving the quality and health of sex life. We are eager to enhance blissful sensations for people from all over the world.

Mangotoy only do the best 

         mangotoy is currently a hot global bestseller.
strictly selected healthy materials for male masturbator, women's sex toy, sexy lingerie, flirting toys, emotional lubrication and other products.
We will choose our nearest warehouse in UK, USA, Germany, Australia, Brazil etc to ship our products to our customers
Therefore, complete logistics and warehouses, and efficient logistics centers are also one of the reasons for our guarantee.