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Automatic Masturbator with 8 Reversible Rotation Modes

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  • Rotary shaft design, easy to hold.
  • 8 modes * 8-speed spin, any combination of various stimuli.
  • Rows of carefully placed ribs and bumps, a wonderful feeling of squeezing and sucking.
  • Smart touch buttons, enjoy one-finger operation.
  • Removable inner liner, eliminating the worry of cleaning.
  • Versatile and excellent electric masturbator and penis trainer.


     Product Description:

    The unique shaft design allows you to easily grasp the plaything and devote yourself to the passion of sex. The automatic male masturbator is driven by a super motor, with 8 powerful reversible rotation functions and 8 independent speed controls, which means you can customize 8*8 combinations to ensure multiple fun. With every rotation of the soft TPR sleeve, rows of carefully placed bumps and ribs gently massage every inch of your penis, especially as you insert or exit! The thickened part in the middle provides better comfort and safety. The ultra-soft sleeves wrap around the sensitive area of ​​the penis. Deep down the sleeves, there are some raised humps that hit your glans in all directions! The entrance is full of sensuality, perfectly imitating the squeeze of the lover's plump pussy lips.The wonderful thing is that, unlike any other traditional push-button masturbation cup, it has tech-rich touchscreen buttons and a blue feedback aperture. High-precision touchscreen controls provide silky-smooth tactile operation. One-finger operation, no tapping required. amazing! Plus, the detachable design makes cleaning easier, helping you take the worry out of any damage that might occur during the wash. Not only is it a great electric masturbator, it's also a penis trainer. It can help you exercise to improve sexual stamina, prolong intimacy and promote an erection before actual penetration. In contrast, rotational stimulation is not as likely to induce ejaculation as telescopic putters. You can start with a weaker mode, then a stronger one, pause for a while when you want to ejaculate, then activate again. This way, your penis will get a better workout.


    Size: 10.2*2.7*2.3"
    Weight: 1.3 lbs
    Material: TPR

    packing list:
    1 x Masturbation Cup

    1 x charging cable