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Mango (Medium-Size) Butt Plug

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Enjoy Fruitful Sexcapades with the Mango (Medium-Size) Butt Plug

Phallic-shaped fruits and vegetables take center stage in vaginal play fetishes–the cucumber, eggplant, banana, zucchini, and carrots. And while those same objects of pleasure work well with anal play, another fruit’s taken the lead when it comes to butt plugs–the mango!

The Mango (Medium-Sized) Butt Plug

Is your partner a fan of that finger up the butt moment? Well, the sensation is darling but can make your preferred position a little awkward. That’s why we present to you our butt plug. And this is not just any butt plug; it’s the mango-inspired Mango butt plug. Shaped like a mango seed with anchors at the bottom, this sweetheart looks and feels exceptionally comfortable going into forbidden (‘butt’ not really) lands. And she’s a multi-tasker too–find out how.

What We Love About the Mango (M Size) Butt Plug

  • Body safe, odorless silicone
  • 100% waterproof
  • Flexible so you can heighten your fantasy experience with different positions
  • The elongated base for extra stimulation and as a safe stop
  • Small enough for beginners but adequate enough for experienced people
  • Can be used for vaginal and anal play
  • Beautiful pearlescent yellow color
  • Easy to clean
  • High-quality material and smooth texture

Features of the Mango Butt Plug

Double-penetration anyone? This unisex beast will bring you and your partner crumbling from mind-blowing sexual experiences, and here’s why:

Designed for Maximum Pleasure

  • The Mango shape has smooth curves that hit your cavity walls just right. 
  • The angled tip and tapered base make penetration easy–especially in tight cavities.
  • The boat-like base makes a safe stopper for the toy when in play. It also presses tightly on other pleasure points like the perineum.
  • Measures L150mm*D57mm, which is just right for any kind of penetration

Wearable Design

  • The Mango M’s natural stopper makes it viable as a wearable pleasure toy
  • Ladies can practice their Kegels wearing one of these handy babies

Made of High-Quality Material

  • Body safe
  • Odorless silicone

Smooth Texture

  • Has a smooth texture along with its curvy head, which gently rubs against you for immense pleasure

100% Waterproof

  • Easy to clean with water and soap
  • Works perfectly with water-based lube
  • You can definitely take your fruity fantasy to the shower

Discreet Play

  • Makes no sound, so you don’t have to worry about any party crashers to your fantasy session.

Preparing the Mango (M Size) Butt Plug for Use

  • Clean the toy with warm water and mild soap, then dry with a clean towel.

How to Play!

The Mango M is a daring and versatile pleasure mate. Here’s how to go about using her

  • Apply a liberal amount of lube on the toy and the area of play
  • Gently insert the head of the Mango into the butt cavity
  • The design allows the toy to rest in position. You or your partner could wear it during intercourse or masturbation. As the butt muscles naturally clench during sex, the anal cavity experiences extra stimulation from having this fruity goodness caught between.
  • Alternatively, slip it into the vagina and rock it back and forth like a dildo. 
  • Wear it and walk around in it if that rocks your boat!

If double penetration is your jam, this is definitely the toy for you. And if you’re looking to get into anal play, the Medium-Sized Mango Butt Plug is your sure plug!