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{{ Masturbation vibrator }} - {{ mangotoy }} - {{ Sex toys }} {{mangotoy.org }}
{{ Masturbation vibrator }} - {{ mangotoy }} - {{ Sex toys }} {{mangotoy.org }}
{{ Masturbation vibrator }} - {{ mangotoy }} - {{ Sex toys }} {{mangotoy.org }}


Terminator Thrusting Rotating Masturbator Machine

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The Terminator Masturbation Cup

If you’re familiar with James Cameron’s epic franchise–The Terminator, then you probably see why they named the toy so. The Terminator Masturbation Cup looks like a weapon a cyborg assassin sent back from the future would come carrying (if you get the reference). This toy is one of the few in the market that gives a fully hands-free masturbation experience for men, with a dedicated one-key-climax button that does just that–-guarantees you climax at the touch of a button.

What We Love About the Terminator Masturbator Cup

There is so much to love about the Terminator. Here’s a list:
  • The capacity for handsfree, fully-automated play.
  • 7 thrusting intensities
  • 7 rotating patterns
  • 1-inch thrusting length
  • One-key climax function
  • Powerful motors with a maximum of 240 RPMs
  • Voice sound function
  • Realistic play with sensual, pre-recorded female voice reactions to your activity
  • Large battery capacity for extended use periods on a single charge
  • Rechargeable, USB Type-C for fast charging
  • Detachable silicone sleeve
  • Textured tunnel for maximum stimulation
  • High-tech design 
  • Adequate size 12.8’’ x 3.46’’, and 4.3’’ insertable length
  • Body safe material 
  • Highly adjustable angles from the suction cup base
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Cool aesthetics: black + maroon and black + white colors 

Features of The Terminator Masturbator Cup

Dual Stimulation: 7 Thrusting +7 Rotating modes

  • Enjoy simultaneous thrusting and rotating movements of the sleeve
  • 7 different thrusting intensities ranging from mild to intense.
  • 7 rotating patterns going the complete 360°
  • The sleeve stretches an inch in length during thrust.
  • Thrusting and rotation are activated by the power on/off function, and the intensity can be regulated with the scale-up/down buttons.
Fully Automated, Hands-Free 
  • Enjoy the convenience of mounting the toy to a suction base mount. 
  • The strong suction disc can mount on most flat surfaces–floors, walls, or furniture.
  • Features an angular knob that allows the toy to meet your member at the most convenient position
One-Key Climax 
  • One button that takes you from zero to climax in record time. Take care as you use this one as the stimulation is really high intensity.
  • The toy has a high-tech design and can easily pass for anything but a sex toy.
  • Black and white, or black and maroon color options
Adequate Size
  • The toy measures 12.8’’ x 3.36’’ (LxW)
  • Enjoy 4.3’’ of insertable length, with a 1-inch thrusting length
Powerful Motor
  • 395 round motor, that does about 240 RPM on the highest setting
  • The motor function creates a simultaneous air suction and squeezing effect.
  • Experience mild to high-intensity thrusts and rotation patterns.
  • Avoid using the toy past 30 minutes of continuous high-intensity play as the motor can overheat, causing it to malfunction.
Brilliant Construction
  • The components are detachable for hygiene maintenance
  • The tunnel is textured with many tiny nodes that feel pleasurable against the penis
  • The automated, handsfree function makes it ideal for exploring different sex positions
  • The toy comes with a USB Type-C for fast charging
  • The high-capacity 2200 mAH delivers 70 minutes of intense use on a single charge
  • Long life with 300 charge cycles
  • The Terminator has a breathing light indicator when charging and glows a continuous light when fully charged.
Realistic Feeling
  • Enjoy automatic heating to mimic a human body.
  • A dedicated voice button and headphone port. Activating this feature plays pre-recorded moans that seem to react to the toy's activity on your shaft, getting louder as the thrusts intensify.
  • 3D granulated walls increase friction-enhancing stimulation.
  • The noduled sleeve, air suction, and lube jointly mimic oral play.
  • The sleeve material is made of medical-grade, body-safe silicone
  • The texture feels soft to the touch 
  • Detach the sleeve and insulation entrance from the host to allow for a thorough cleanse
  • The toy is rated IPX-0; therefore is not waterproof. So, do not attempt to make water contact with the masturbator cup as the motor and wires are not fully insulated and are susceptible to electrical faults.
Preparing the Terminator Masturbation Cup for Use
  • Charge the device to capacity.
  • Ensure the Terminator is clean and all the buttons are fully functional.
  • Mount the suction cup on a smooth surface and adjust it to your desired angle.
How to Play!
Here is a detailed guide to creating an unforgettable orgasm with the Terminator Masturbation Cup.
  • Generously apply water-based lube to your penis.
  • Ensure the gadget is securely mounted and at the right angle, then slip your penis into the Terminator Masturbation Cup.
  • Long press the power button for about 1 second to activate the thrusts and rotations.
  • Use the scaling buttons to alternate between intensities, low or high.
  • Long press the one-key-burst to access a preset rhythm whose high-intensity movement guarantees a fast completion.
  • Press the voice button to activate the moaning sounds, and you’re well on your way to a much-deserved climax. 
There’s a reason why many men around the world enjoy receiving oral or hand play from their partner–it’s less work for a sexual experience that almost always guarantees climax. This toy relinquishes that power back to you with an automated, hands-free function. So, whether or not you have the energy or your partner has the moods, the Terminator Masturbation Cup guarantees that you will always reach a happy completion.