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{{ Masturbation vibrator }} - {{ mangotoy }} - {{ Sex toys }} {{mangotoy.org }}
{{ Masturbation vibrator }} - {{ mangotoy }} - {{ Sex toys }} {{mangotoy.org }}
{{ Masturbation vibrator }} - {{ mangotoy }} - {{ Sex toys }} {{mangotoy.org }}
{{ Masturbation vibrator }} - {{ mangotoy }} - {{ Sex toys }} {{mangotoy.org }}
{{ Masturbation vibrator }} - {{ mangotoy }} - {{ Sex toys }} {{mangotoy.org }}
{{ Masturbation vibrator }} - {{ mangotoy }} - {{ Sex toys }} {{mangotoy.org }}
{{ Masturbation vibrator }} - {{ mangotoy }} - {{ Sex toys }} {{mangotoy.org }}
{{ Masturbation vibrator }} - {{ mangotoy }} - {{ Sex toys }} {{mangotoy.org }}


Blossom Vibrating Thrusting Masturbator

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The Peach Blossom Cave Male Masturbator

Doesn’t the name just turn you on (or is it just me?) The peach is the universal new-age symbol for lust and longing for penetration (for the guys)–thanks to its plump, fuzzy, cleft appearance. Add the soft feminine implication of a blossom and the mystery of a cave, and you have the recipe for full-on arousal. Function-wise, this bad boy is just a nasty girl (as we’d want it). But aesthetics-wise, the Peach Blossom Cave is as masculine looking as they come; something for a person that wants their toy mistaken for a tech gadget or gizmo from a start-up. 

What We Love About the Peach Blossom Cave Male Masturbatorn this male sex toy?
  • 7 different vibrations and intensities
  • Full member fit via telescopic function
  • Body safe, odorless silicone
  • Discreet in appearance- blends into your manly dresser
  • Whisper-quiet motor under 50dBs on the highest frequency setting
  • Superb aesthetics, and it comes in sleek black with a white interior.
  • Easy to clean
  • Magnetic charging

Elevate your solo play with this automatic stroker!

If you are looking for something that can do the work for you-hands free, then this is a MUST. The thrusting, sucking, and vibrating power are out of this world. It leaves your knees shaking. We have upped the masturbation game with its fully customizable rechargeable vibrating, sucking, and thrusting stroker! Whether you want to enjoy the powerful vibration, intense oral suction, or high-powered piston-action thrusting alone or to combine all three, you are guaranteed to have an explosive hands-free cumming experience!

Real variable speed control

The male masturbator toy comes with 6 intense thrust modes along with suction and 7 stimulating vibrational patterns! Slip your d*ick into the soft p*ussy and feel the rows of soft pleasure nubs within the sleeve surround your shaft for extra stimulation! This pocket p*ussy will warm to your body temperature and should only be used with water-based lube. The sleeve is easily removed from its hard case for easy cleaning!

Rechargeable, so no batteries or cords!

With no batteries to replace and no messy power cords to get in the way of the fun, this waterproof thrusting male masturbator is powered by a lithium battery and super-strong motor that delivers amazing thrills and endless pleasure combinations! Unlike ordinary automatic strokers that either spin around or stroke up and down, the advanced b*lowjob toy combines both movements for the most mind-blowing sensations ever created.

Relatively hands-free & feels great

You can either hold it with your hand, or depending on the position of your body (can't get into too much detail here), you don't need to hold it at all. It will stroke up and down, doing all of the work for you. It suffices to say that if you lay on your stomach, the machine can be used without holding it at all. The feeling of having your p*nis inside of the sleeve while the spring-loaded beads stroke up and down can best be described in 2 words: surprisingly good. This not only prolonged the experience, but also made it feel more authentic because like a real BJ, the automatic machine contains movements that you do love, but also ones that aren’t really doing anything for you.

    Features of the Peach Blossom Cave
    Dual Stimulation
    • Enjoy 7 grippy, telescopic movements along your erectness
    • Choose from one of the 7 different vibration frequencies and intensities
    • One-hand operation, with 2 conveniently placed function buttons, separated by the on/off button.
    • Enjoy the functions individually or choose a combination that will have you shoot for the moon.
    One Size Fits All Design (Probably the Only Time this Works for Everyone)
    •  The Peach Blossom Cave measures 290*Ф 85mm but has telescopic functions which allow you to get maximum pleasure regardless of your player’s size.
    Magnetic Charging
    • No need to keep repurchasing batteries. Plug the USB into your power source and connect the magnetic pins to the toy.  
    Superb Aesthetics
    • Sleek black exterior and a plush white silicone interior.
    • It comes with a see-through midsection that allows you to view the telescopic gliding function over your erectness
    • The device comes with a lid for good hygiene when not in use.
    • The style blends with your manly accessories and can go unnoticed by guests.
    Powerful yet Quiet
    • This is probably the only time men don’t want their tools powerful and loud, and we’ve got you. With the strongest setting being under 50dBs, your business remains your business.
    • Once fully charged, you can have up to 5 normal cycles, and it will last for a cumulative 60 minutes. 
    • Easy to clean with a well wrung-out washcloth or rag soaked in warm water.
    • Disclaimer: Don’t soak it!
    Made of High-quality Material
    • Made of silicone and ABS, safe for body use
    Preparing the Peach Blossom Cave Male Masturbator for Use
    • Charge the Peach Blossom Cave to full capacity.
    • Clean your toy before use by wiping it with a warm well wrung-out washcloth.
    How to Play!

    Here’s the step-by-step guide to ensure maximum pleasure with the Peach Blossom Cave

    • Apply a good amount of water-based lube to your penis and get into position.
    • Using one hand, slide down the Peach Blossom Cave onto your penis.
    •  Turn on the power button by long pressing it for about 1.5 seconds until it shows a white light.
    • Short press the telescopic function button to alternate between the 7 frequencies.
    • Short press the vibration function button to alternate between your desired frequencies.
    • Once you’ve had enough pleasure, just long-press the power button for 1.5 seconds to turn it off.

    The Peach Blossom Cave guarantees intense pleasure without all the hassle of self-stimulation. All you need to do is get into position and let this powerful yet gentle toy help you explore levels of pleasure that will blow your mind.